My teaching covers Harrogate, Ripon, York, Leeds, and surrounding areas. I offer weekly classesworkshops, private one to one tuition, with a range of classes from 'power yoga' to gentle general hatha classes. 
Robert Goldsbrough
yoga siromani 
(teacher of yoga)

Gym training, swimming, cycling and other sports/non-yoga exercise benefit only 15% of the body - a full and structured yoga class will benefit the whole body. 

Sport and intensive exercise shortens muscle, wears out the joints and creates tension in the body - yoga stretches muscle, works the joints safely, encouraging natural repair, increasing endurance and strength, and reducing injury.

Yoga can be aerobic and cardiovascular - it increases lung capacity and efficiency, strengthens the heart, enriches the blood and improves circulation.

A majority of those who do not practice yoga only use about 10-15% of their lung capacity whilst breathing. The yoga student re-learns how to breath efficiently and use their full lung capacity.

But there are so many more yoga benefits, so whether you’re 18 or 80, come and join a scheduled weekly classworkshop or contact Robert for a personal one to one consultation.

Young (teens)/less young (senior)
Fit & healthy/not so fit & healthy
Athletic & sporty/perennially sedentary
Naturally flexible/stiff as a board
Post-illness, -operative or -natal..........etc.

So, pretty much anyone then......!
"Yoga's helped everything. It's helped my outlook, how I interact with people, it's made me more conscious, it's helped me be able to focus, make better decisions, think on my feet. I don't know what I'd do without it. It's my sanctuary." Andie MacDowell, Daily Mail, December 2011
Ms Porchon Lynch, now 95, still practicing, still teaching -  A wonderful inspiration and lesson to us all. See this short video below:
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"Robert really takes time to make sure you get things right and understand how the postures should feel and connect with the breath.  I've since been to other classes where the teacher is just going through the motions, but Robert makes sure you get his individual attention so you get the most out of every class." 
Emma, Harrogate
Spiritual & Personal Development
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Class at Sweaty Betty, Harrogate
Class at Sweaty Betty, Harrogate
Yoga For Children
Yoga For Addiction
Thursday Sun Power @ King James's: 
recommences 8th January 2015
(venue details - see 'Classes' page)
Saturday Sun Power
Due to circumstances beyond my control this class has been cancelled until further notice.
Robert Goldsbrough - Yoga Teacher in Harrogate

**NB: no half term class at King James's on Thursday 19th February 2015**
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