“Robert is a confident and knowledgeable teacher making you constantly aware that yoga isn't a competition but is relevant to your own physical and mental state. Yoga isn't just about doing the postures but about understanding how they benefit you in the long term.”


Laura Ingleby, Harrogate



"I had never done any yoga before joining Robert's Ashtanga Yoga class in September 2010, and now I can't imagine NOT doing yoga.  Robert is such a great teacher, he really takes time to make sure you get things right and understand how the postures should feel and connect with the breath.  The benefits of yoga have been massive to me – improved flexibility, better posture, increased stamina and strength.  It's a great work out for your mind and body.  I've since been to other classes where the teacher is just going through the motions, but Robert makes sure you get his individual attention so you get the most out of each and every class and will modify the postures so it's just right for you."


Emma, Harrogate



"As a slightly sceptical 65 yr old, new to yoga, I have been most impressed with Robert’s one-to-one tuition.  He goes at a gentle, but comforting pace, and recognises my limitations, while encouraging me to overcome them. He is patient but firm in correcting my ‘good enough’ (but wrong) approach to some postures, and clearly has very good teaching skills.  My chronic aches are slowly responding to his ministrations."


Keith Barnes, Harrogate



"Just wanted to touch base with you and say that I really enjoyed your workshop....... I thought the day was both challenging and rewarding.  My body certainly knew it had been put through its paces the next day! In a good way that is!"


Phill, Knaresborough


“Sometimes it's hard to peel myself off the sofa for the Thursday night Ashtanga class, but I'm always glad when I have! You've never allowed to me sit in my comfort zone and coast - as I'd be quite happy to do! You always make me push myself a bit further and give me goals to aspire to, with the result that I'm making small improvements all the time, and have a clear idea of what I'm aiming for - even if it takes me 10 years to get there! You're also a bit of a laugh, which is good when your foot's in unmentionable places!”

Sam, Harrogate

"I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the classes. I feel that I am making real progress now, and I’ve overcome the preconceptions I had about my inability to do yoga because of my inflexibility and physical conditions. Your patience and empathy is much appreciated.”


Jane, Ripon


“Since coming to classes with you my sports activities have improved. I seem to have more energy and my focus is so much better.”


David, York 



“My posture has improved, I’ve got more energy, I feel more relaxed, I am moving better.... and I’m amazed to see results so quickly! I just wish I had felt so enthused by a yoga teacher sooner in my life!”


Susanna, Richmond



“I would recommend your one to one classes to anyone. I’ve always felt a little self-conscious going to group classes, but I must say that my confidence has grown alot. I don’t feel so incapable anymore!”


Sarah, Knaresborough


“I find Robert’s classes of great benefit to me. He has a strong emphasis on doing postures and movements in the proper way which is best for the body. He encourages the class with a mixture of praise and positive comments but does not avoid constructive criticism when it is necessary. He is always mindful that everyone works within their current capabilities and has an extensive range of variations on the postures for those not yet able to do a full posture. With his encouragement I know that I have made some progress in my first year.  Robert’s teaching of Ashtanga Yoga is proving to be an excellent way of developing fitness and health and helps me with other sporting activities. I am always surprised at the feeling of well-being I get following classes or from practising at home.”

John Hagart, Harrogate

"I first joined Robert's Class in April of 2012.  I was fairly new to Yoga, and I initially felt intimidated because of how capable everyone else in the class seemed relative to my physical capabilities.  Robert encouraged me to stick with it and noted that it is better to feel challenged.  He told me to follow the modifications and to not get "flustered and tired out" while trying to keep up with everyone.  He advised me to "not try to compete with anyone else, just allow your body to do what it can, and your stamina and technique will build over time."  I am glad that I continued attending the class because he was right - I did need to check my ego and focus on my own progress and practice.  In the past year and a half, I have become much more physically able.  With his guidance, I was able to continue taking classes right up to 34 weeks of pregnancy; and I felt much healthier and in control of my breathing for my labor and delivery.  What is more is that I could do more at 34 weeks pregnant than I could in the first few weeks of taking his class.  I attribute his instruction and yoga in general for helping me maintain my body for a healthy pregnancy.  Yoga has simultaneously made me feel more powerful and more introspective.  Thank you, Robert!"

Rachel Sakelaris, Harrogate

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